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    'Ello, Paper Mario freaks! Today is a pretty big day for the legacy of our series, what with the release of Paper Mario: Color Splash. So far, the fanbase looks pretty divided, yeah? I've seen all sorts of reactions, from all-caps no-logic rants against it to people who claim they actually liked Sticker Star so they're perfectly happy. But anyway, I've already posted a deviation and a forum thread on the subject, so we can worry about Color Splash on those. This journal is for something else.
    Specifically, I'm uploading the last chapter title card for Paper Mario: Double Darkness, the Paper Mario fangame that I've been working on since and quite a while before I joined dA, today. This means that it is now finally more or less fully up-to-date. Once I finish writing the description for the chapter, I plan to take a quick break from PM2D, try out some other fan art, and catch up on the giant wave of schoolwork that has caught me entirely off guard. Until I'm finished with that, here are some of my plans for PM2D stuff I might post in the future.

Bulletpurple All of the battle statistics for Mario and the partners, including special moves, in order to give everyone an idea of how battles would play out.
Bulletgreen  A complete tattle log with the stats and bios of all 144 enemies currently in PM2D.
Bulletroyal  A new world map design... again. The current one really has nothing wrong with it, but I think it could stand to be a bit more visually appealing. Of course, this would also come with a matching new Nox Empire map.
Bulletorange  An updated version of this, featuring all the more recently added NPCs.
Bulletrose  Information about the Shy Guy Clubhouse, one of the biggest side quests in PM2D, and maybe other side quests as well.
Bulletwhite  Despite my efforts to avoid generic environments, some of the chapter locations have still been feeling a bit cliché to me. Among other possibilities, I might change Chapter 1 into more of an autumn-themed world and Chapter 5 into a boreal forest (switching places with Frostfell Woods, the boreal forest from Luigi's story arc).
Bulletyellow  I'm thinking about redoing the stories of Chapters 3 and 6. Like the world map, neither of them are terrible or anything, they're just not as interesting as some of the other ones.
Bulletcyan  So apparently, Color Splash has stolen my idea of a desert coliseum level. As it is no fun having a fangame that is also canon, I'll be replacing Sunblast Arena with some other chapter dungeon. No, I have no idea what that might be yet.
Bulletred  After the main storyline is completed, Mario is free to travel back in time as he wishes and explore the rest of the Nox Empire. These 8 bonus levels make up a lot of the game's post-completion content. I probably ought to post something on that too.
Bulletblack  Finally, there are those fake in-game screenshots I like. They're basically meant to show what the game would actually look like if it was real. These could pretty much come from any point in the game, so if anyone has a preference as to which world or level they'd like to see a screenshot of, please let me know, and that'll be the next one I do unless there's one I'm already working on.

I'm not sure how much of this I'll actually get done, and in any case it'll take a pretty long time. They're all just ideas. Anyway, guess I'll get started on that description for Chapter 9, maybe pick up Color Splash later today, and just generally enjoy finally having my quest to redo all my PM2D title cards completed. Later!
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